Not perfect. Bloody useless. And that’s okay.


Here’s nine things I messed up today.

I hope it makes you feel better about your day; or at-least feel not alone.

It really saddens me how many messages I got last night from wonderful women saying that they “couldn’t do everything like me” or “that they want to know more on how I do it”.

I offer advice and stories on how I cope but not everyday is perfect.

Honestly I think you’re all bloody amazing.
Yes you!
The Mum reading this.
The ones messaging me.

Every single person that wrote to me.
Was worried that “their best wasn’t good enough”.
I don’t know how many times I say this but imma say it again; “IF YOU ARE DOING YOUR BEST what more could anyone ask for.”.
Your are not failing.
Life just isn’t perfect.

Please don’t miss out on how wonderful your life is worrying about the things you could have done better, or comparing yourself to someone else.

So on that note;
You know what I fucked up today?!
Because I’m human.
And it’s fine. It will all be fine.
Tomorrow I’ll kick some ass or not.
I don’t know, I can’t predict it.

Number. 1
I forgot to order the kids lunch orders.
For the second time this term;
And its week three.
Because I thought I’d give them a treat! Also known as; “I forgot to go food shopping.””
Would you like some carrot sticks with your soup packet?

Number 2.
I went to the shops to get milk.
Wondered around for thirty minutes, got myself a coffee.
Got home beaming at my husband.
Because I LOVE coffee.
Like an unhealthy amount.
And when he asked “ where is the milk”
I responded; “ohhhhh that’s why I went to the shops”

Number 3.
I don’t have a quilt cover on my bed.
That’s right.
It’s just a bloody quilt.
Because we only have one quilt cover right now and it needed washed.
And I forgot to wash it.
Awesome. It’s like we’re sixteen again.

Number 4.
My kids had fritz and sauce sandwiches for lunch with carrot sticks.
Because that’s literally all we have until tonight when my shopping order comes.
There was no butter on the bread.
Because no matter how much butter or toilet paper we buy ; it’s never enough.

Number 5.
My children have swimming lessons tonight.
And my ankle is sprained and I’m going to stay home and rest while my mum and husband take the children to swimming.
And I feel guilty. Oh So guilty.
Get your shit together Krechelle and be there for you children!

Number 6.
I forgot to charge my Garmin.
Last night.
When I needed it to be charged.
And now I’m going to miss out on some
Of my step count for today because it’s going to die 😭
And if it’s not recorded on my Garmin did it even happen.

Number 7
I was meant to healthy food prep yesterday.
Today I’ve had two protein shakes and a banana.
And now my bodies probably in starvation mode and when I eat again tomorrow I’ll put on all the weight I’ve lost today wooohoooooo.

Number eight
I forgot to order bin bags.
We’ve been using woolworths and Coles bags for bin bags for three days now.
And I forgot to order bin bags in my shopping. FML.

Number nine.
I’m keeping the tiny ones home with me while my husband goes to swimming.
And I swear, the older more evil one;
she hates me.
“Where’s my dadddyyyyy”
Its echoing through my home right now.
She will not look at me; I do not exist.
So I’m gonna hide and really freak her out.
Because I’m so mature.


And on that note.
I’m going to enjoy my evening.
When David gets home.
Light a candle; have a low fat yogurt and enjoy my life.
Because we all make mistakes.
Today was not perfect.

You are not alone.
Just remember; if you’re feeling alone, were all in this together.


And that’s what this picture is of.
Me with no make up. And no pants but I saved you from that. Surrounded by washing with no quilt cover on my bed. Oh well will sort it later!

Happy three days till Friday eve!


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