Monday’s be like.

Fresh faced.
Feeling good.
I’m going to kick this week in it’s smug little butt.
Watch out week!!!!
Hey look at me; drinks a protein shake, kicks legs in the air.
Gonna do a workout and a fitness walk for fun because sunshine and shit.
Fuck yes it’s Monday children.
Here eat some blueberries mammas on fire.

Still feeling good.
Did you see what I did to yesterday;
I fucking destroyed yesterday.
Like a boss.
Now round two of my double fitness, protein shake.
Looks at self in mirror; should be two sizes smaller but hey I’m still fantastic and dedicated; so dedicated.
No children you can’t have blueberries again we’re not fucking millionaires; here have a banana!
Wooooooohooo, Tuesdays are rad.

I’m a bit sore today.
Finding it hard to get up from a standing position.
Okay rest day. Rest days are just as fucking important; don’t look at me like that I’m hurting.
I’ve still got this I just need a little rest.
And an Oreo.
But not like a whole Oreo, just half an Oreo.
I’ll be fine tomorrow I’ll start fresh back to it and we’ll get shit done.
Children; bananas again.
Yes sorry I don’t have a variety of fruit available to you because I’m fucking human and I make mistakes and I bought too many banana and now they are going brown; so eat up!

I think I’m getting sick.
The kids had this virus and I think I have it now but worse than they had it because they didn’t even seem to be as sick as what I feel.
I really need a nap.
And some panadol.
I’m still going to go for my walk.
“Hunny should I go for a walk if I’m unwell”
“No you should probably just nap here you go nap and I’ll take the kids.”
“Oh okay, your right night night”
“Here kids have some bananas”

Boom. Period town.
Knew something was up.
Okay I’m feeling better but I’ve already ruined this week.
I started so strong on Monday and now here we are at Friday and I really need a wine because my child stabbed someone with a pencil and I guess we’ll just start Monday again. Or try and do a fitness walk with the kids this weekend.


Watches TV
Feel nervous about exercising on Monday.
And also how competitive recreational sports is.


And here we are back at Monday… same shit same story different week.
Definitely bananas.
I guess I’ll try and Be a successful human this week, wish me luck!
I’ve totally go this and so do y’all.





One thought on “Monday’s.

  1. Hi there from Michigan, USA! You are just so wonderful, the way you write, and funny, accurate, and a great momma! You are so pretty too…As a fellow mum of 2 boys, one whom is disabled…YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION! I JUST LOVE YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR…AND MOST OF ALL, YOUR FANTASTIC ABILITY TO NOT BE ABSOLUTELY PERFECT..YOUR FAM IS BEAUTIFUL! GOD BLESS YA….-Jennifer-
    P.s. Looking forward to all of your blogging 😀


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